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The RM100 is connected as shown in Fig 1 above. The RM100 can be used for both low and high voltage systems. Different applications require different reactors!  The voltage on which the RM100 is to be used must be specified with the order.  For the higher voltage systems, the reactor must be placed next to the NER, mounted on earthed steelwork, to prevent any high voltages from being produced in the panel where the meter/relay  is mounted. The method of earthing defined above for Fig 1 is necessary to minimise the chance of high voltages being transmitted to the panel, as multiple earthing connections need to be broken before the reactor would become unearthed.

For low voltage systems, below 660v, the reactor can be placed in the same cabinet as the relay. This could result in voltages equal to phase to neutral values appearing IF the NER is unearthed or damaged (open circuit) AND an earth fault exists on the system.

The main requirements for installation are that the reactor must be earthed independently `from the NERís earthing connection as described in the NOTES to fig 1. The reactor must be earthed at itís location and again to the panel by means of a lead in the seven core cable as shown in fig 1 above. This method of earthing will minimise the probability of high voltages appearing at the relay panel.

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